Oh, the bountiful supply of our Master,

As we fellowship at His feet!

Such joy in continual abiding

In the revelation of His Word!

Oh, how He does open the scriptures,

Revealing His perfect plan

That we might lean heavily upon Him-

Casting upon Him all our cares!

Oh, how He leads and directs us,

This precious Savior Divine,

Saying, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you.

Come, little ones- lean on Me!

I'll always be there to uphold you,

Supplying your every need.

Won't you leave all your cares behind you,

Trusting in Me to open the doors

That lead into My eternal presence

Where I will continually strengthen you?

My plan is complete;

All trials and tests are a means of perfecting

Those dearest and most precious to Me.

Oh, lean heavily upon your Master!

His heart's door swings open oh, so wide-

Always beckoning and calling!

Oh, let not your heart be troubled!

My plan I'll reveal unto you-

Your life yielded in obedience,

Trusting and knowing all your needs I'll supply.

You have only to trust, hope, and pray

To bring forth all the answers,

Knowing I've heard even before you call.