Should We Be Surprised?
Editorial Comments on Events Surrounding September 11, 2001

A new day has dawned in America and the world. For the observant, the initial stages of World War III have begun, and once again America is being led to the slaughter. As American armed forces are dispatched to Afghanistan in response to the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, we realize that the lives of our military sons and daughters as well as the life of our nation is at stake. While suicide pilots and their infamous missions are repeatedly viewed and reviewed as popular news stories, few recognize that we, as a nation, are on a collision course with satan himself. In light of the events of September 11, 2001, our nation stands in the most awesome, crucial time of its history. The collapse of the World Trade Towers is by far one of the most significant events in the history of this nation. Those who follow the news in light of YHVH and His word, know there would be a day when YHVH would visit America in righteous judgment and 'tear down the towers of Babylon,' the city of confusion. YHVH had His prophets in the days of old who foretold of His impending judgments and He has His prophets in this day who have been sounding the same warnings. Warning upon warning has gone out across America, and yet it seems few are taking seriously the admonitions of YHVH to repent and turn to Him. YHVH's promise to destroy all evil is a holy mandate from a Holy Yah. Therefore, when the towers of Babylon fall, should we be surprised? Yes, the towers fell in one hour, just as YHVH said they would. The merchants howled and the world at large stood in rapped amazement as the gigantic twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. This masterful ruination of the lofty skyscrapers was a powerful displayed of YHVH's displeasure over man's idea of world trade! Indeed, YHVH is angry with America concerning her world trade policy. Moreover, He is angry with America on account of her gross sins. Though America has been blessed above many nations, she has become a harlot. We have become a taunt and curse among the nations for our evil ways. We have become a godless, lawless nation, taking our witchcrafts and abominations to all nations, seeking to amalgamate all nations into one mass of humanity through the organized efforts of the United Nations. Though the day of globalism has dawned and the new world order has begun, America has only started to feel the fruits of this sinister alliance. To those who do not recognize the dangers of the new world order and its pluralistic society, it shall be a sorrowful day; for the enemies of YHVH are powerful and for the unsuspecting, escape from enemy hands may come too late. True to His word, YHVH has promised to destroy all evil. He destroyed the wicked off the face of the earth in Noah's day, and He will do so the same this day. He said His second coming would be with fire and burning, and needless to say, He came in such manner in New York City on September 11, 2001. He showed the world in one short hour (Revelation 18:10) what He thinks of man's Word Trade system! Should we be surprised? We say, NO! It's time, in our opinion, to see the demise of this evil Babylonian system die. This system has enslaved the peoples of the earth long enough. As YHVH's Israyah, we are tired of Egyptian bondage. We are tired of living in a society where the heads of government are the tails, i.e. demons masquerading as men to subjugate the masses (Deuteronomy 28:44). These who have ruled over us are unclean beasts as foretold in Revelations whose motivations are sensual and devilish. Their gods are sex, power, and money. We see our nation controlled by the love of money as foreign bankers confiscate our country's wealth and prosper at the expense of the American public. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. It is said that 'Love makes the world go 'round,' but this old adage may need updating. It may be more aptly stated that 'Money makes the world go 'round. ' The love of money has all but destroyed our nation. We see its path of destruction cut a wide path from the White House through Congress and all successive levels of government, winding its way through the lives of politicians, businessmen, school teachers, pastors, and the common man- even brethren. Very few eschew the love of money as the ruling factor of their lives. We see the increasing immoral behavior that is polluting our nation, the slaughter of millions of babies through the practice of abortion, the spread of drugs and alcohol, the brainwashing of our children by the public school system, and we say, 'YHVH, how long?' We see the governments' increased violence against Churches and the Christian 'right', and we say, 'How long, O YHVH, before you visit the sins of this nation?' YHVH is not mocked: the nation that forgets Him is cursed. In the eyes of YHVH, America is a cursed nation, and for this cause, we can expect to pay for our sins.

Since September 11, patriotism has spread across the country like wild fire. Flags are flying. Everywhere one looks there are lapel pins, T shirts, bumper stickers, etc. The red, white, and blue has become big business! Someone is making good money in it all. It seems the merchant mentality of this country never dies. Nevertheless, YHVH will have His way with this country! He is not done with America yet! In fact, He is only beginning to shake this nation and bring America to her knees!

For many years we have warned YHVH's people that a day of reckoning was coming for America, for a nation such as ours cannot continue to export her evils all over the world without righteous retribution from YHVH. There does come a day when YHVH roars out of Zion to destroy His enemies, and America has clearly become His enemy. With the dramatic destruction of the World Trade Center, many seek answers as to how and why such an event could be. Anyone who entertains ignorance on the subject, truly does not know YHVH. They do not know Him in light of His word, otherwise they would know how to accurately read the events of September 11. Scriptures clearly say that YHVH creates evil (Isaiah 45:7). He does bring about controversy in the earth and He does destroy His enemies. Scripture also says that in the day of His judgment, the slain of YHVH will be very great (Isaiah 66:15,16). Should we be surprised, then, when YHVH does what He said He would do? He did roar out of Zion on September 11. He destroyed His enemy, the World Trade Center, with thunder, fire, and great burning; and true to His word, the slaughter of YHVH was great. As we see it, the destruction of the World Trade Center is a witness of the masterful, faithful hand of YHVH to deliver His people from the bondage of their enemies. Shocking observation, you say? Shocking for some, perhaps; but for those who know YHVH, the display of His wrath against this evil system of world trade is a glorious sight. The towers of Babel do fall in YHVH's time, and as we see it, the towers have only begun to fall across America. We know from having warned people of this day that most Americans, including YHVH's own people, are not ready for what is coming to the shores of America. Terrorism is only a small part of the great and terrible day of YHVH. Many years ago YHVH showed us that when He came to judge this nation in righteousness, most would not recognize Him in His coming. They would think that such evils befalling America were of the devil, when in fact, such evils were of YHVH. Truly America is only beginning to reap the results of her multitudinous sins. YHVH said He will not relent until He has destroyed all evil, and this includes all the evils now perpetrated in America. This is His word and Covenant promise unto His Israyah. Sadly enough, most people, including mainstream Christendom, are reading the events of September 11 all wrong. They err in not knowing the YHVH of Israyah and His word. YHVH hates evil and does avenge those who do wickedly. He has been known to destroy individuals as well as nations because of their sins. After all, He is the righteous judge. Therefore, when He comes in righteous judgment to avenge sin, should we be surprised? When YHVH's punishments are severe, should we blame Him? YHVH forbid. Many are grappling to find answers and 'closure' to the events of September 11. They struggle with questions of 'Where is God in all this, Why would God allow such a terrible thing to happen in America, If God is so good, why would He allow this to happen?' Many search for answers. We suggest they turn to YHVH. Answers exist, if people really want to find them.

So it is that fallout from September 11 continues and no doubt will continue for months, if not years. Be assured, those in high places are creating and manipulating events so as to achieve the best spin for their plans for America. They have an agenda and they will play on the sympathies of the American public to accomplish their goal of a one world, 'utopian' society. This homogenized, android way of life is the very antithesis of Messiah. While most Christians are locked into a candy-coated religion that worships the god of goodwill and promises to provide a way of escape when the great tribulation comes, this philosophy will not hold up in the real world, according to the word of YHVH. Those who continue to persist in their erroneous theologies, will have a rude awakening in this day. We are reminded of Yahshua's parable of the ten virgins: five foolish and five wise. The foolish did not prepare for the day of YHVH. The wise did. How does this parable relate to us in this day?

There are those who have been preparing for the great and terrible day of YHVH for many years. Like Noah in his time, they have been mocked and ridiculed. Strange as it may seem, many times their greatest opposition has been from their own families as well as their own brethren. Yahshua said that our greatest foes would be those of our own household. Therefore, when brethren and families scorn and reject the wise virgins, should we be surprised? Most people do not want to hear about the great and terrible day of YHVH. They dismiss the warnings as 'just more doom and gloom.'. They only want to hear 'smooth words', as the scriptures say. Perhaps Daddy George Bush had it right when he said, 'I want a kinder, gentler nation.' Does this mean we are to tolerate sin no matter what the cost? YHVH forbid.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of the status quo in America. I'm tired of what I see happening to my country. Though I am not a veteran of any war nor was I even alive to witness World Wars I and II, I see my country slipping further and further into the quicksand of another world war. I see the oppression and subjugation of the third world, communist-block countries coming here. It's the same picture but different scenery. This time the nation being gobbled up is America. The majority of Americans are not ready for a police state. It's okay to view human suffering elsewhere in the world, but just don't bring it here. Long distance socialism pans well in America. Unbeknown to most Americans, we, as a nation, have supported the socialist/communist cause in grand fashion. We have given them our money, our technology, our food, our weapons, our space program, our manufactured goods, our medical supplies and relief, as well as our own sons and daughters who are now buried in countless veteran cemeteries. In short, we have given them our lives and our country on a 'carte blanche' basis. Our disobedience to YHVH' laws will cost a dear price to America, for there comes a day when YHVH will judge this nation for prospering its enemies. Whether people realize it or not, communism is our enemy. It is anti-Messiah. One of its foremost goals is to eradicate all Christendom, and this includes you and me. While present-day politicians and journalists paint a rosy picture of communism and so-called main-stream Christian pastors promote a pluralistic world, rest assured that the countless numbers of peoples who are currently struggling to exist under this satanic system of oppression have a different story to tell. Perhaps the untold millions who have been slaughtered by the communist butchers are evidence enough that this form of government holds no redeeming value on anything that remotely resembles 'humanity'.

Knowing well the pattern of the communist who operates as a 'liberal' in our society, we, as individuals and as a nation have come to an interesting crossroads. Whether we like it or not, we are going to have to redefine the terms upon which we live. We will need to redefine who we are and where we're going, i.e. who and what is America and who is an American? We will also need to determine who are enemies are. Some people may argue that the issue of 'enemies' is passe, since the globalist mentality perports that all peoples are the same. We are just 'one, big happy family'. If this is true, then why the attack on America September 11? America is in more trouble than most would care to think- trouble that could spill over on anyone, anytime. If unexpected trouble comes your way, what will you do? Who will you blame? What will you use for answers to define your tragedy, so that you can live through it? For many, their tragedy arrived on the morning of September 11, 2001. Those personally involved in this awesome display of fire and smoke are no doubt still sorting out their lives. Some may never find the answers they need to resolve their sorrows. Others may find the answers they seek and be comforted by the truth, painful though it may be.

In the meantime, flags wave, music plays, the surge of national pride goes on. Patriotism in America has become another great sport. The Stars and Stripes and 'God Bless America' signs are everywhere. I see so many flags and signs that it makes me sick. Why should YHVH bless America? In my opinion, the signs should read, 'YHVH CURSE AMERICA! AMERICA IS A GROSSLY SINFUL NATION! AMERICA IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE. SHE IS A GREEDY, POWER-HINGRY, IMMORAL, MATERIALISTIC, LUSTFUL NATION. SHE IS LAWLESS AND REBELLIOUS, DESPISING THE VERY SACRED TRUTHS UPON WHICH SHE WAS SUPPOSEDLY FOUNDED. SHOULD WE, AS A PEOPLE AND NATION, BE PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE BECOME? CAN ALL THE FLAG WAVING AND 'GOD BLESS AMERICA 'SIGNS AND SONGS SAVE THIS NATION? YHVH FORBID! THE ONLY SALVATION FOR AMERICA IS: REPENTREPENTREPENT!

As I watched the television coverage in the early aftermath of the September 11 holocaust, a camera close-up of the Stars and Stripes caught my attention. The flag, of course, was at half-mast. The thought poured over me, 'It is America that has died.' Indeed, YHVH impressed upon my spirit that the flags are at half-mast because AMERICA HAS DIED. If the truth were known, America died a long time ago. Nevertheless, we are living out the last throes of her funeral, wherein her identity as a free nation will be buried under U.N. control.

Brethren, we are living in an awesome, terrible day when the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of YHVH and His Messiah. It will be cataclysmic- a time of great transition as the institutions of man fall and are replaced by the righteous government of YHVH. Those of us who have been laboring for Messiah and His kingdom regard this day with great soberness and anticipation, for we shall behold our long-awaited King. However, for those who are not looking for Messiah and His kingdom, it will be a day filled with terror and sorrow. The events of September 11, 2001, are regarded as a terrorist act, but who is the terrorist? Who instigated such an act? Can we blame the Arabs? Can we blame Islam, Osa bin Laden, the Mossad? YHVH regards the affairs of all men and nations, and He will pour out vengeance upon those who disobey Him. Who, then, have we to blame for the events of September 11? America, REPENT!

To those who mourn the loss of the World Trade Center, I would ask, 'Whose side are you on?' The destruction of the Twin Towers is, in my opinion, one of the most masterful moves of YHVH in my lifetime. To see the collapse of these Towers is evidence to me that My Heavenly Father, the Great I AM, is busy destroying all evil just as He said He would, and on September 11, 2001, He chose to destroy the evil of World, i.e. FREE, Trade. In case you didn't know it, the only thing free about 'free trade' is that the communists freely take your goods, then your jobs, and then finally take you. How about a career in a sweat shop in China? Perhaps India would better suit you? As the new world order sets up shop in your neighborhood, they may well ship you overseas- and it won't be for a vacation. If you've never heard of sweat shops or labor camps, perhaps you'd better research the subject. Better yet, talk to someone who miraculously escaped one. Either way, the new world order has plans for you. Therefore, when YHVH Almighty takes His arm and righteously destroys the World Trade Center, should we be surprised? Should we be sorry? Should we mourn? YHVH FORBID! There are those with a certain fascination, fixation, and/or romance concerning the Twin Towers even to the point of wanting to rebuild them, but I assure you, I DO NOT MISS THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS! REPEAT: I DO NOT MISS THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS! IN FACT, I FEEL THE NEW YORK SKYLINE IS INFINITELY MORE APPEALING, HAVING LOST WHAT I WOULD CONSIDER TO BE A BAD TOOTH. Personally, I can live with the empty cavity wherein the Towers once stood. It doesn't bother me a bit. I figure YHVH in His infinite wisdom knows what He is doing and He does a perfect job in all that He accomplishes. Therefore I offer a special salute of thanks unto YHVH for job well done! He has the victory!

While victory is sweet, it is bittersweet for those who lost loved-ones on September 11. Whereas our hearts go out to the families of the victims and we pray they will be comforted by the truth, we are reminded of the word of YHVH. He said in this last great day of His judgment in the earth, His slaughter would be very great. We can expect great numbers of people will die as YHVH further unleashes His correction rod upon America. Thus far He has been merciful in terms of loss of life. Though our nation has experienced disasters of various kinds over the years, few lives have been lost. Now, we believe, the numbers of His slaughter will increase. Our prayer through it all is that YHVH's people will awaken, repent, and turn to Him before it is too late. How prepared to meet Yahshua were the victims of the World Trade Center collapse? Only eternity will tell. The sobering fact is that each one of us should be prepared to meet YHVH at any time. No doubt those who died in the World Trade Center holocaust had no prior knowledge that the last day of their lives had come. YHVH doesn't always give advanced warning of His judgments. Perhaps the old Boy Scout motto, Be prepared, is Divinely inspired after all.

It goes without saying that we're moving into a time in history when there will be more and more to consider if we expect to survive. According to scripture, more will die than live. Whereas many Y2Kers were duly ridiculed for making preparations for would-be national emergencies, global holocausts, etc., their actions may prove to be not so far-fetched. Knowing the track record of our government and its spokespeople, our politicians, can we trust these to take good care of us? Any fool who trusts government- big or small- deserves what he gets. The organized government as we know it in America proved itself to be a corporate disaster years ago. Anyone who has dared to uncover what is really going on in our government- whether local, state or federal- knows what evil is being perpetrated against the unwitting American public. The well-informed know what's going on in this country, and it behooves the American public to wake up lest they perish. The Christian community is largely responsible, if not entirely responsible, for the judgments now falling upon America. AS BELIVERS, WE HAVE FAILED OUR DUTY BEFORE YHVH ALMIGHTY TO KEEP HIS RIGHTEOUS STATUES AND COMMANDMENTS. WE HAVE ALLOWED OUR NATION TO BECOME A DEN OF THIEVES AND HAVE SOLD IT INTO THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF! It is that simple. The blame is on the Israyah of YHVH WHO HAVE FAILED IN SERVING YHVH AND ESTABLISHING HIS RIGHTEOUS KINGDOM IN THIS EARTH ! SHAME ON US! REPENT, O ISRAYAH, AMERICA, 'THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM!' The stone (the kingdom of YHVH) is coming down out of the mountain to destroy the image of Babylon! Even so Come, Yahshua ! Come in power and glory to deliver us into your kingdom!- Mary


On the night of June 2, 1993, around 9:30PM, a terrible feeling came over me. I felt as though all my breath was going out of me and I was going to die. My sister was upstairs, so I decided to go up to my room and lie down. As I went into my room, Yahweh witnessed to my sister and me that this faintness was of Him. I felt as though all life was leaving my body. I lay on the bed for some time. As I was quiet, Yahweh impressed upon my spirit an impending disaster- one of great magnitude- an explosion or bomb that would take many, many, many lives. At 10:25PM Yahweh spoke the following words to me:

Yea, there are storm clouds over Washington, and many new upheavals in the earth; for verily, these are days of My holy indignation, saith Yahweh, when My vengeance shall come upon the whole earth. Yea, watch Islam, for this is a rising nation- a nation to be feared; and indeed, the tide of Islam is greatly swelling. Yea, there shall be many new incidents of terror this year, as Islamic factions make their bid to be seen and heard. Of a truth, Libyan terrorists are on the rise and these people stop at nothing in their bid for demise. Yea, they do not compromise. Truly the Eastern sect is becoming more powerful in the world, and these forces shall inflict much havoc. I say of a truth, it is a day of much confusion in the earth, when the streets shall be covered with blood, and the cries of victims shall be heard. I say, America will not escape My judgment. Yea, the great alien hordes are as a seething mass of unrest, and these are constantly stirred in their own ideas of justice. Yea, I say, this is the time when many shall be put to the test and come under extreme fire; for it is the time when the world is out of control and chaos reigns. Though many would say this is not true, I say it is so. Yea, if I, Yahweh Elohim, did not move in this day, the earth would veritably explode. I say, many do not realize how close the world is to disaster. I say of a truth, there are many plans afoot to gender world-wide control, and truly the world looks to the pope. Yea, man always fashions his gods unto himself, and the pope is no exception. Yea, he is merely a man. Yea, many shall glorify the pope and idolize the church, and indeed, it is an awesome hour for those who would seek to gain the upper hand in the earth. Yea, Gorbachev is not silent and what he does, many do not know; but I, Yahweh, see the affairs of men and recognize their desires to rule the world. The news media has done well in painting a slick picture of an evil system. The West has capitalized on the Soviet system in ways that are most alarming. Yea, I have shown throughout the age the great curse that falls upon a people that refuses to love and serve Me. Yea, I have shown in My word the great destruction that has befallen My Israel because they did not obey Me. Yea, it is not enough to know who I am and for what purpose Yahshua was sent into the world. Yea, I, Yahweh, shall require more than head knowledge of My word in this day; for it will take obedience and commitment and endurance and faith to survive this day. I say, many do not take My word seriously, and indeed, the powers of hell remain committed to their evil task and these, indeed, persevere to accomplish what they have set out to do. Of a truth, the strength of My people shall not be in their number; for I, Yahweh, have only a few who are obedient and hear Me. Yea, these I can use. Those who are only half committed or seek compromise with the world shall not make it through. Yea, many are trying to buy their way into My Kingdom, but it will never work. Others decree there is a new gospel, but I say, do not believe it. There shall be many false messiahs who come in My name, and desperate people shall flock to the one of their choosing. Yea, those who know Yahshua shall read the signs of the times and know that the days are short. And yea, the times of entering in are now. For many, it shall be too late. They shall run for the rocks and hills to hide them, but there shall be no escape; for I say, America has compromised and her destruction shall be very great. Yea, I have seen the churches and the leaders of the country, and for the most part, they are self-seeking. There are very few true shepherds over My flock. Yea, I say, I am raising up a few faithful ones who shall be stalwart in this day. I shall train and teach these who minister My word, and yea, I shall cause them to feed My flock. Yea, I, Yahweh, am causing a greater gathering of My own true sheep and these are being herded along the narrow pathway into My kingdom. I, Yahweh, am making Myself known unto a few, for truly I shall have a faithful remnant who delight in knowing Me. Yea, I say, it is a day when there shall not be much to do save to be about the business of building My kingdom. Yea, many do not know true priorities; for some, it shall be a time of chastening, perchance they will repent and turn unto Yahshua. Yea, the days are so evil that many shall not believe that such a day could come to pass, and verily, I will give the world more evil than it can chew. I say, now is the time for many new sorrows to begin, and yea, the sorrows shall escalate as with the pangs of childbirth; but I say, the world cannot bring forth and yea, the only conception in this hour shall be that of the man of sin. Yea, many shall grieve in this day for times past and the days of sunshine and flowers; but there shall be no relief of the continual woe that shall be fall the earth; for verily, in this day, Babylon releases her final woes. Yea, so also, many have loved the good god. There is always such talk of good fortune and prosperity, but where did it all go? Yea, suddenly, it is gone. Yea, in one day, prosperity is swallowed up and the people wonder what went wrong. Yea, where did their good god go? Yea, he who loves them so much, why did things have to happen so? Of a truth, many shall die with their questions unanswered, and there shall be a hollowness and emptiness in many streets. Yea, people shall become merely a commodity to be shuffled to and fro; for, in reality, it is satan's kingdom that rules in the streets. I say, the devastation in many cities shall become increasingly great, and soon there shall be many places that shall be considered target zones. Yea, the world has been divided for many years into certain regions and these places shall become territories of conflict and, indeed, they shall become known as red zones. I say, while most of the world has been sleeping, I say, there are those who have been plotting their course to a unified front of the Communist Manifesto. Yea, there are certain signs that I have, indeed, given unto My own who shall endure unto the end this day; and truly unto My faithful flock, I shall reveal My promises. For the most part, My work is hidden and much of what I say is in parables, for the wise shall hear and comprehend. Yea, I have chosen this day to preserve My true Israel; for these I, Yahweh, have ordained to pass through the waters and the fires and not be consumed. Yea, no man nor woman nor child in this day shall be preserved unless he know Me.

Within a few days of receiving this prophecy, news of a similar prophetic warning came to us from David Wilkerson of Times Square Church in New York City. In this letter, the Holy Spirit had witnessed to David about a coming great explosion.

On February 20, 1998, we received another writing from David Wilkerson that confirms the lateness of the hour. The following is an excerpt from his letter:
"For the past few months I have been preaching at Times Square Church about ‘America’s last call. This series of prophetic messages has so deeply stirred my soul. The premise of these prophetic messages is that prosperity is God’s last call to a society just prior to judgment and chastening.
I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to take a thirty-day leave of absence from my duties at Times Square Church and shut myself in with God to complete a book by the same title,
America’s Last Call. I am not a prophet, but I do know I am one of His many watchmen. And I see a great storm coming. I hope to have the book finished and printed within the next few months and will make it available to our readers first." - David Wilkerson/ World Challenge, Inc., P.O. Box 260, Lindale, Texas 75771
Note: David Wilkerson's book, America's Last Call is now available at the above address.



10/18/01- Lily

  • Volcano spewing black ash

10/11/01- Lily

  • Large American flag. Field of stars changed into a nuclear-type, mushroom cloud; then turned into a volcano blowing fire and ash on the top of mountains
  • Us heading




Email report received 11/8/01


What has not been explained to the American people is the reason why
35,000 Army Reservists and 65,000 National Guard have been called up. It
is to maintain internal checkpoints. It has nothing to do with the
external "War on Terrorism." All of these people are being trained at the
US Army School of Urban Control at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. CNN actually
showed an urban training mock-up, what they're training on, and what the
new Internal Security checkpoint is going to look like. It was mighty
sinister looking.

There was a barrier that went across the road. To the right was an
elevated shed like structure, elevated perhaps fifteen feet in the air.
It had a small second story that was open. On it was a sign that read
"Homeland Security Internal Checkpoint." There were sandbags and the
wooden arm that crossed the road read "100% ID Checked." Then there was a
small shed to the right with a small barbed wire area behind that. On
this structure was a sign, which read, "All citizens not having proper
identification will be detained. All foreign nationals will be detained.
All citizens who are deemed to be acting in a suspicious manner will be
detained." At each of these posts there will be six armed Army or
National Guard reservists with M-16's with full field kit. On top of the
structure to the rear, the open structure on top, there's a man with a
machine gun emplacement.

They showed the actual mockup used for training purposes. They had new
uniforms. They weren't in their regular uniforms. It's a new gray uniform
with a gray helmet and a visor so you can't see their eyes. The only
thing you can see is from their lips down because they said that's "to
prevent any retribution" from people who don't like this new idea.

This uniform looked exactly like the Imperial Storm Troopers from "Star
Wars" except instead of white, it was gray. All the helmets have little
transceivers so they can communicate with each other. There will be six
guards at each internal security checkpoint. And there's another warning
on the inside of the barbed wire enclosure, "Any detainees attempting to
escape will be shot." It was a yellow and red sign inside the detainment

The only person who actually spoke on camera during this story was a
sergeant, an Army Reservist sergeant. You could tell that he completely
disagreed with what was going on. You couldn't hear the question being
asked, but he was looking at the camera and he said, "We're here to
protect the people." Then he put his head down and shook his head, and
you could tell he didn't believe a word of what he was saying -- like it
was some big frigging joke.

Then they showed the procedure they were using to train these guys. An
average American car, like a Ford or a Chevy, drives up and there's
supposed to be a husband and wife in the front seat and a couple of
kiddies in the back. So they drive up to the checkpoint, and the corporal
comes up to the car and says, "May I see your identification, citizen."

They call everyone "citizen." I swear to God, I'm not making this up.
Then the guy asks for his driver's license, then something else and
something else. Then he says, "Very good, citizen."

There's a spot on the gate that goes across the road that they had x-ed
out. But you could tell what it said because the sergeant alluded to it.
It said, "All citizens are required to present their National
Identification Cards." But they left it blank as a black spray-painted
out spot because the legislation for that hasn't happened yet.

The big sign on the side of the one and half story shed with the machine
gun nest on top said "Homeland Security Internal Checkpoint." And now
we're all supposed to say, "Hail the Republic." That's the new mantra.
They showed a bunch of guys being trained at Fort Campbell, Kentucky,
probably enlisted and reservists and such. And they kept raising up their
right arm saying, "Hail the Republic."

The sergeant even said that they are duplicating the ancient Roman
Legions salute to Caesar, using the right arm upraised with the fist.
Instead of "Hail Caesar," though they say, "Hail the Republic."

This is what's coming. People don't believe it or people don't understand
it but when 80% of the people support whatever "security" measures are

What does it all mean? We all better start worrying when George Bush
starts to play the fiddle.

Congress is supposed to be recessed for the rest of the year, but they
will be giving the Administration extraordinary wartime authority --
pursuant to all remaining legislation. In other words, they will simply
allow the Administration to act under pending statutes. They are simply
going to transfer to the Administration emergency wartime power to act
under bills, which are still pending, even though they haven't been

The implication is that we will be under a defacto state of martial law
soon. There are 100,000 military being trained for these internal
security checkpoints.

When they were showing the lines of enlisted and reserve people being
trained in this camp, with M-16s in their hands, I can tell you I don't
think any of them would hesitate to shoot at American citizens. I think
they're being indoctrinated. The indoctrination they're going through is
obvious. The enlisted people are being told by the drill sergeant that
they are being given extraordinary authority that "your job is to protect
the security of the State at all costs."

There is a direct parallel between the old Soviet Union and the East Bloc
and what we are doing. We are establishing internal travel restrictions
on the American people. We are essentially following the Soviet text.