The Tide Has Changed

As the forces of evil continue their heinous works in the earth,
The tide has changed, for I YHVH move for My own;

Hold fast to the horns of the altar in this day, Beloved,
And see what I will soon do for you!

Rise up in earnest expectation and rejoice evermore-
Though the wicked seek to destroy My chosen seed,
I have a remnant band that is steadfast and true,
And I move for the righteous who number but a few.

Yea, great victories are in store for the faithful
Who follow Yahshua, My Lamb-
Mighty deliverance is theirs as they persevere this day,
Even as He overcame the world, so shall they!

Great transitions are being wrought
In the remnant of My true Ishrayah-
Watch what I shall soon do
To heal and restore My chosen ones!

Be diligent, Beloved, in all that I ask,
For I am moving mightily for you-
I will fulfill My covenant promise this day
As My word is made living flesh in My own.

I am doing a work that has never been done on earth
And it shall be a powerful move like never before;
No weapon shall touch My chosen, My elect-
This is My promise that I give unto you.

So as the tide has changed,
I come quickly for My faithful few
And do a powerful work that no man can do
To deliver My Ishrayah from all that would assail.

As it is written, My remnant is small-
Yea, so small that a child could count it;
My way unto them is perfect and true
And I move mountains for them in this day.

Be watchful and wise in this day, Beloved,
For it is a hidden work that I do for you;
Your reward shall be great as you stand fast
For My true family whom I call My Ishrayah.

There is nothing too hard for your I AM to do,
So by faith, prove My word to be true;
Yea, I am doing a work that is most glorious
As I hear and answer your every prayer!

I am the Great I AM Who knows your need
And I shall come swiftly to prove My faithfulness;
By My anointing I will break every yoke of bondage
That seeks to ensnare and destroy you.

I shall manifest My work this day in power and majesty-
Many great victories shall be wrought for My own;
Greater works shall you do in Messiah
As He is glorified in you!

Therefore, Rise up and be My overcomers this day,
And hold fast onto Yahshua Who fights for you,
Keep at the work that I have given you to do,

For soon, oh so soon, all burdens shall be lifted!


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