Time is no more


10/21/21- 11:16PM- Mary

Yea, My Daughter, there is much that I would tell you, but there is no time, for the times of YHVH are in the earth; and yea, they are unfolding and rolling together as a scroll; for this is the day of revelation when all that is shall be revealed. Yea, all things hidden shall be brought to light. So it is that times, times, and a half time are being fulfilled; for even as Daniel saw the times unfolding, so is the book open to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear what saith the Spirit of YHVH; for truly there are many spirits in the world..yea, many voices...but not all are of Me. Thus there is much controversy and strife as spirits war against spirits, and the principalities and powers of the air vie for control. Yea, I say, great strongholds are being shaken. Yea, the very foundations of this earth are rocking, and truly the under belly of the earth is in upheaval and shall vomit forth fire and brimstone. Yea, great shakings, great shakings are taking place. Yea, the pillars of the earth are being thrown down. Babylon the great is falling. Mighty shall be its demise. The earth shall tremble like never before- yea, like a mad man- for the times of YHVH are in the earth.

Yea, the time of Jacob's trouble has arrived when the end shall bring forth a new beginning- a world that I YHVH have promised; but it will come with much travail- yea, much pain- because the old cannot go into the new. Yea, I have promised new heavens and new earth, but My own must be willing to receive them.

Yea, I YHVH require change. I institute change, and now is the time of change when the old shall be exchanged for the new; for it is the day of the new creation man who is born of My essence and bears My image. Yea, an old wine skin cannot hold the new wine of My kingdom, and if a man expects to drink of the new wine he must exchange his old garments for the new, for flesh and blood cannot enter My kingdom; and truly, My people are a fleshly lot. Skin for skin wears thin, but the Spirit of YHVH never dies. Therefore My people must examine their ways, for time is running out and without turning from the error of their ways, they will not enter into My kingdom in this age.

Yea, I say, age upon age is upon us. The ages are rolling into one, and My people must move accordingly. Yea, they must be sensitive to My Spirit. They must be humble and pliable to do My will, otherwise they will not make it into the new world that I YHVH am now bringing forth.

Yea, My people must be willing to let Me have My way. I have long tolerated their errant, stubborn ways but no more. Yea, the stubborn shall perish along with the proud. No excuses will be accepted nor will there be special privileges for anyone. Yea, Yahshua laid down His life once and for all, for the sake of My people. That was enough. Even He said so when He cried, 'It is finished!' What more do My people want...someone else to work out their salvation?

Yea, Yahshua paid the price for the salvation of My people, but for many it is not enough. So it is that many shall perish in this day because they looked for a different messiah who would pamper their flesh and give them what they want. I say of a truth, I am not a Santa Claus nor do I take orders from anyone. My kingdom cannot be bought. I do not process credit cards.

If My people want a new world, they must pay the price by working out their own salvation according to My word. Line upon line and precept upon precept it must be done. There are no short cuts. Either follow Yahshua or cut out. The narrow way is for those with a serious desire to know Yahshua. Truly He is no longer a babe in a manger. He is a man, and I expect My people to 'man up' and follow Him.

Yahshua did not have an easy assignment. Nevertheless, He was willing to pave the way into the kingdom for My people. Now I require My people to follow Him like never before, for this is the end of the end when time is no more, and soon- oh, so very soon- the door to My kingdom shall be shut, and there will be no more room for repentance. I say, My people are not ready for this, yet it shall be even as it was in the days of Noah when I YHVH shut the door of the ark and no man could open it. So it was that judgment fell, and countless peoples perished.

Yea, multitudes shall perish in this day, also; but I say, it will not be My fault. Yea, I have warned, I have wooed, and I have pleaded with My people, but few heed Me. Yea, now shall I move against the unrighteous and show them the error of their ways perchance they will repent. Yea, watch the day and regard the time, for even now great shakings have begun. Yea, the times of YHVH are in the earth. Prepare to meet Me, O Ishrayah!


Image shown: Hour Glass Nebula/NASA/1996 Hubble Space Telescope

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