Torrential Rains

The outpouring of My Eternal Spirit
Falls like torrential rains in the earth,
And is released upon My true Ishrayah this day
To strengthen them in this end-time battle.

The needs of My own are most urgent
As great oppressors rise fiercely against them;
Yea, their day of their deliverance is nigh at hand,
For I YHVH move mightily for My own.

The I AM THAT I AM is coming to heal and deliver,
So hold fast to Habbakuk’s prophecy, I say,
And see what great works I shall do
For My own Ishrayah who trust in Me!

My power and glory shall be such a force
That no adversary can withstand,
Therefore, let FAITH arise and stand on My WORD,
For I am moving mountains for you.

Messiah comes quickly as the mighty King of glory
To prepare the way for My Ishrayah, I say;
For My elect’s sake, the days shall be shortened
Else none should survive My terrible day.

Be blessed in My Spirit and the power of My Word,
For in it is LIFE that will encourage and strengthen;
Though Gog and Magog align with their allies
To destroy My promised land, I shall intervene.

The victory of My Ishrayah shall be mightier
Than that in the days of Moses of old,
For I YHVH come to defeat the powers of darkness
That have long sought to destroy My own.

So, Prepare to meet Messiah, My Beloved,
For He is doing a new work this day-
Establishing new heavens and new earth
In temples fashioned no longer of clay.

It is a powerful ministry that I release this day
As I YHVH come to set My Ishrayah free,
So, Look up and rejoice, for I am coming-
All that I have promised you shall be fulfilled!

I am doing a powerful work in My elect this day
As I build My kingdom within them;
So, Hold fast and be strengthened, Beloved,
For My greater works are being wrought in you.

This is a work that only I YHVH can do,
For by My Spirit shall My kingdom be built;
My Ishrayah will be blessed at what I will do,
So let FAITH arise, for I am mightily with you!

My greater glory thus falls like torrential rains
To do a powerful work of transforming My own;
For I have promised and I will fulfill-
The deliverance of My Ishrayah is nigh at hand!

Many shall be removed as tares in this day
As My Spirit rains down in judgment, I say;
But I shall go before those who trust in Me
And protect them in My day of storm in the earth.

Be diligent, Beloved, in this time of transition-
I will be all that you need to make it through;
All that I have taught you shall come to pass,

So, Be blessed, for the keys to My kingdom are in your hands!


Image: 'The Deluge' (1834) by John Martin (1789-1854)