Transported into Glory
October 12, 1986/4:15AM/Lily

Into the eons of light manifestations,
An overcoming band of travelers comes forth-
Awakening in new creations full adornment,
Transposed and birthed in the earth.

A Body of Messiah who has partaken of Him,
Who drank of His cup and ate of His flesh;
A witness they shall be in the midst of the earth-
One Family that becomes united in Him.

Transported from glory to glory are these
Whom the world has rejected and despised;
Pressured, compacted, and set-apart are they
Whom the world has scorned for My sake.

Coming forward into the crux of the ages
In this great day of transition now,
Prepared for their position in the Elohim family,
Becoming heirs of Mechisedek they break forth.

Positioned in their calling unto life now,
As their cataclysmic transition break forth,
Known as inheritors in Zion's mountain-
A new creation formed without hands.

A triumphant band arrayed in light,
Prepared for their entrance into eonian life,
A sanctified and regenerated manifestation
Of life of the Holy Spirit, the Bride of Messiah.

The measure of the fulness of Elohim
Is inwrought in these of My own;
The portion necessary to bring full redemption
Of the Body, the mind, and the soul.

There shall become a mighty witness
Of this which I now do in my own;
The earth and heaven shall be greatly shaken,
As these are loosed and Spirit-born.

Constant in their hearts, stedfast in their minds,
Their souls are purified in this day;
The return of the greater portion of My Holy Spirit
Releases them from the shackles that have kept them bound.

Arrayed in new garments, their flesh renewed by My Spirit
Where My word is the power unto life;
Quickened and loosed of the old nature are they,
Sanctified wholly through My living word.

Coming forth with their captain Yahshua Messiah,
They move forward as one body in Him,
Freeing creation from its bondage now,
Binding and loosing 'til satan is defeated.

A hidden ministry of My word made flesh
In this remnant few of My own,
Called forth to fulfill My word in this day
To heal and restore this creation back unto Me.

I have this new creation set apart to fulfill
The word I gave unto Adam of old:
To be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth,
To subdue it and have dominion over all I have made.

This shall become a day for all to remember:
How this remnant became new creations in Messiah;
These who have taken back their kingdom by force,
Putting off all darkness, death, hell, and the grave.

In these who overcome, the second death has no part;
Hell in its fury is given no place,
For to the ones I've delivered unto life,
These become known as My inheritors in the earth.

What a calling to those faithful few
Who love not their lives unto the death;
As light dawns with into their hearts and minds,
I set them at liberty- My called-out ones.

Many are called but so few have chosen
The pathway unto full life in this day.
I knock, I knock, but who can hear
My call unto repentance in this hour.

This day I'll have such a minute few
Who shall transcend through My open door
To the place where open heavens become theirs,
And the keys to My kingdom I with them share.

The great and mighty work of My Spirit
Is becoming released further in this day
To the ones whom I have restored unto Myself;
They shall trumpet forth My word forever more.

To My minute band- one by one this number I'll add,
'Til I've brought forth My work in this earth;
Preparations made for My saints to arise
And meet their Yahshua, as My Bride and Bridegroom fair.

This appointment I have for My very own
In the effulgent glory of My Son
Is the inheritance I return in great measure to these
Who've gone throught the final veil of flesh.

A rending and tearing away of the old nature
Is this last great work that I now do
Where all desires and affections are rent
And the full pathway unto life is secured.

This great pathway is now opening to any
Who shall lay aside the old, carnal ways;
This token of the old Adam must be put off
That in its place My word is fully birthed.

Take My third measure of meal in this day,
Where I shall feed you in the fullest portion;
The new wine of My kingdom shall I give unto you,
Bringing the transition of the blood purified.

Iniquity bound, no guile shall be found
In My Israel whom I redeem;
Love abounding, life in My word
Becomes the fulfillment of My plan.

Love that knows Calvary in full measure,
Where the life in the vine is secured;
A walk through the night of change I bring
Unto Myself: I light up your life.

When the trumpet sounds forth its call now,
My priesthood breaks through the veil;
They come forth in obedience to Me
And walk with Me for the eons in eternity.

Eternity- a time element not known to man,
Where there is ever a new beginning,
A learning and growing in Elohim;
My own come forth now, as saviors and deliverers.

A teaching priesthood shall emerge,
As these have separated themselves wholly unto Me;
These shall become administrators in My kingdom,
Ruling and reigning with their Redeemer, Yahshua Messiah.

Messiah shall always be the head of My Body;
He alone shall be King of kings;
Lord of lords shall He be above all,
Manifested and raised up as My standard in all the earth.

The reunion between earth and heaven is set,
When My overcoming band shall have receive their full reward;
Learning and growing as Yahshua did,
These shall be preserved unto life as Enoch of old.

Translated and glorified, coming into resurrection,
A family I have joined in the earth;
This special time of the tabernacles
Shall be a high point in their lives.

Changing forces, they shall ascen higher,
As they place all powers of darkness under Yahshua's feet;
Loosed from the old pathways, now forever undaunted
These have their inheritance secure in Me.

The things of the earth shall no longer tempt
And allure them to step aside;
The wooing nature of the Holy Ghost,
Calls them up to their heavenly call.

The measure of release that I now bring
Shall be felt in a whole new force;
For I have seen My faithful ones in the earth,
And in this day, they shall now move forth.

Strength to strength in a whole new realm,
I mightily fortify these, My Beloved Ones;
I grant unto each, grace without measure
To stand as intercessors for My nation, America.

The ministry of deliverance I now bring forth in the earth;
I shall harken to the heart cries of My own;
The work of fulfilling My plan shall be
A joy and power never before known.

Look unto Me, I am your stay;
I shall keep you wholly in this day;
My word shall bring you the necessary releases:
I am all you need, I say.

Continue stedfastly as the work load increases;
I am you I AM in this day;
I shall never leave you nor forsake you,
For I shall move at last for My Beloved ones.

As I have spoken before, Look to Tabernacles time,
See, My Beloved ones, what I shall do;
Hold fast and persevere-
The gates of hell are shaken this day.

Open your heart to the word I have given you,
I am your almighty Elohim;
I love you greatly, be strong in My word-
See all the promises I have given you, unfold.

Look to see many changes in your families,
As My Holy Spirit is sent forth unto them;
Always forgive them for their rebellion and backsliddings,
Loving them as I love them, for they are Mine.

In My love I shall speak unto them;
They shall repent, for I have so ordained,
Though they wandered far as prodigal's sons,
In My day of vengeance, I shall redeem them.

Look unto Me, for I shall guide you
Through the great maze of darkness in this day;
Yahweh alone is the candle to lead-
He shall guide you forth into eternity's new day.