4/4/99 5:45AM/Lily

Behold, the day comes soon when much tribulation shall break forth in America. Yea, there shall be great upheavals and great woes upon the land. My people are a most rebellious, stubborn lot who will not hear or obey My warnings unto them. Truly I say unto you, these shall one day weep and wail for their disobedience. Not long hence the last great battle of the ages shall be fought and the toll of the dead in the streets shall be countless. Mob rule shall run rampant, and the many shall be running to and from without a shepherd to lead them. I say, My people have been as wild asses, refusing My warnings and tender love-call to come apart unto Me. They have desired their own way. They have not been still, so that I could teach them My way. I say, these shall, of a truth, not be able to rule and reign with Me in My kingdom, having refused to walk the Lamb's way. Yea, I say, they refused to celebrate the Lamb's passover, and they continue to worship the carnal celebration of Ishtar- the cult of fertility known as Easter. This is a most serious sin of My people Israel. Yea, I say, Yahshua Himself went to worship at the feast of Passover not Easter. I say, My people have perverted My feast days, loving their pomp and ritual, denying My passion. These, I say, worship the Easter bunny and all their new attire and not Me, Yahshua their Messiah. Such an abomination! Did not Messiah come riding on the foal of an ass, not with great show among the people? I say, My people love to distort and pervert My Word in order to have their own way. I say, are these pagan feast days not a stench in the nostrils of your Heavenly Father who sent His only Begotten Son to make a way for His people to live? Truly My people are content in their forms of worship, understanding not the great cost I paid that they might have life. shall I not bring forth a great judgment for the gross sins of My people? I say, they will not listen to truth, loving the error and sins of their forefathers. Many, many who thought they knew Me shall be lost, for I say, this is the last great day of thy Yahweh Elohim. To these I shall say, "Depart from Me, you wicked; I never knew you." Many, many shall say, "But Lord, did I not do such great works in your name?" But I will say, "I never knew you." I say unto you, all who do not come humbly the Lamd's way shall have no part in My kingdom. I say, many are practicing to come into My presence, but they never will. Only those with a true humble, contrite spirit shall know Me intimately and do My greater works. Did I not say I would take a lowly worm and thrash a mountain? My people are stiff-necked, stubborn, and rebellious- thinking to know Me, yet they have never come unto Me in true brokenness and a willing heart. They love to gossip and tear down any whom I Myself have prepared in the Lamb's way. They, in their arrogance, have become fools, not discerning My Word or My purposes. They worship the teachings of men and the letter of the law, but they harken not to My holy Spirit. I say unto you, My Daughter, pray no lore for this people; for in My day of judgment, I shall consume them as dust in a whirlwind. Even as many would not harken unto My prophets of old, these will not harken unto you. Yea, I say, My ways are perfect, and even as My son suffered to know obedience to Me, so shall you. I say, I shall raise up all who have suffered for My Son Yahshua's sake. Many shall not be able to stand because of the hardness of the way, not being prepared in their spirits to withstand the great trials soon to come on America. Truly I say, it is the time of the fulfillment of the vision I gave George Washington. My people know not the scriptures nor Me, their Saviour. Many, I say, shall cry out to Me in this day, but I, Yahweh, shall not hear them- even as they would not hear My cry when I sought to warn them. Truly this Passover date is a most important day in the anuls of My time and the ones who have prepared to meet Me are very few. My remnant will be feeble and small. I shall cause them to say, "Let the weak say they are strong." These are the ones who shall rise up at the meeting in the Spirit with their Saviour and do mighty exploits. Surely, I say, are the ones whom the world has despised and has abused them, speaking all manner of evil against them falsely for My name sake. These alone know their Messiah and are known of Him. Many shall be greatly amazed at this great work that I, Myself, shall do. They discern not My presence or My truths in My own. Many, many, I say, are slated for destruction- not heeding My Word unto them.