We know the joy of continual abiding

With the precious, hold One;

We've shared in His glorious presence

In fellowship with the Son;

The quickening of His holy Spirit,

Uniting our hearts as one;

What wonderful times of spiritual blessings

Was allowed us as we fasted and prayed;

The wonder of Yahweh's holy word,

As the Spirit unfolded His truths:

Blessing our hearts with His plans revealed,

Leading us into His presence Divine;

How we love our Redeemer as we met Him,

Yielding our all on the altar to Him,

Asking for our lives to be completely broken,

Made vessels fit for Him to dwell in!

Oh, the joy as we raised our arms upward

To praise Him- yes, to praise Him-

As we met Him day after day!

We met foes along our journey

Who sought to steal this fellowship Divine

Not knowing, no matter how much they tried,

Could have power to break the unity in the Spirit;

For distance can never separate

Two hearts yielded to Him;

Oh, the Master knows our heartaches

As only He can know;

He traveled this way before us-

The way of the Crucified!

Dear friend, we're united in Yahshua-

Never, ever to part;

One day we'll kneel at His feet together

As long time we dreamed to do!

His promises are ever-faithful;

Hold firm, little one, to the end!

Yahweh rewards our faithfulness,

And mends every thorn along the way;

We'll always be one in the Spirit

'Til one day we'll meet Him face to face,

Where once again the joy of your presence

As we're reunited with Him;

This time will be forever-

No parting there will be,

For one day, we'll home with Yahshua

Where we'll dwell eternally!