There is a mighty victory ahead
As I bring you through this terrible day,
When the hordes of hell abound
And are being poured out on My own.

This is the time of Daniel the prophet
When the wicked seek to wear out My saints,
For their heinous plan is to destroy My Ishrayah
Annihilating them from the face of the earth.

Hold steadfast in this day, Beloved,
For I am moving great mountains for you;
Be strong in My Spirit, let My word arise,
And I shall prove My faithfulness to you.

I have promised to watch over
And keep you in this terrible day-
Therefore stand on My word and hold fast,
For mighty victory is near at hand!

I have promised to heal and restore you-
I AM THAT I AM shall honor His word;
You shall see My hand move, Beloved,
To prove My faithfulness unto you.

Many victories are nigh, so look up-
Be strengthened in your spirit, I say;
For I YHVH will never leave nor forsake you-
My salvation is yours this day!

(Photo: Double Rainbow, Clinton, Maine- Lily 1997)