The walk of YAH’s just is moving forth
   Into His fullness these chosen ones advance;
The inheritance of YHVH is now processed
   to become His family in Yahshua Messiah.
A chosen priesthood, birthed through Yahshua Messiah,
   Born of the blood, the water, and His Spirit-
A people who have found their way back to I AM
   Through Yahshua Messiah their King of kings.
Coming in to fullness is the family of the Ever Living
   Who are reconciled through the blood of Yahshua.
A many-membered body, joined unto their Head,
   They are being processed in the refining fire of YAH.
These are the administrators of the Most High
   Who have crucified the flesh, the world, and its cares.
Now they are brought into their place as sons of YHVH,
   Being tutored and trained in the living word.
El Shaddai and the fire of YAH bring purification
   To all who will humbly follow Him.
His word is a guide book to all who will listen
   And in obedience and love, reverently worship Him.
He came unto His own, but they received Him not,
   Preferring to walk in the ways of the world;
Thus the majority of YHVH’s people this day
   Have chosen to walk after the flesh and its ways.
There is a choice that each one must make,
   If he or she is to become part of the family of YAH;
The day of YHVH is even now in the earth,
   When His judgments are being poured out in fury;
Each one shall receive their reward this day,
   Some shall find the have missed their calling.
These were unwilling to follow the Lamb,
   And mocked, jeered and ridiculed My own.
Not knowing these were My own little flock,
   Bought with the price of the blood of My Lamb;
So many ‘do-gooders’ shall be shocked this day,
   Thinking to buy their way into My kingdom.
They squandered their lives in riotous living,
   Going their own way, not preparing to meet Me;
These are the rebellious ones of My seed-
   The goats who refused My word unto them.
I spoke unto them, I pleased and cried,
   Yet they turned their backs from Me;
They thought that My word was not for them,
   Only for those they called the despised few;
So soon they shall see My word fulfilled,
   When I say to them, Depart, I never knew you.
They desire to be their own benefactor,
   Not heeding My Son, Yahshua Messiah.
Walking in darkness they scorn My word,
   Despising My Son who dies for them;
Yahshua came to earth to bring total redemption
   From the curse of the fall that brought sin and death.
They never think that My word applies to them-
   Always for others, thus they cannot be bothered.
I now shall do a great sifting and sorting,
   Separating unto Me the sheep from the goats.
It is time that those who desire their own way
   Be removed from the earth, My very main stay.
I will not allow the unrepentant and unwilling to come
   Through the open door made for them through Calvary
Some I will humble and return unto Me,
   Others shall refuse to hearken and obey.
It is time for My own to stand fast in this day-
   See how I will move mountains that stand in the way;
I will bring forth My work in this place,
   Showing to the world that I have those who are Mine;
My miracles are sure, and I will not fail My own
   Who have paid the utmost price to follow Me.
Seeking My will, My own are intent to do it
   No matter what I ask that My word might be fulfilled.
This is My day to do great exploits in the earth,
   When the world is in utter turmoil and woe;
My own whom I have chastened and brought unto Me
    Shall be My saviors and deliverers in this day;
To all who hearken unto My word that I declare
    I shall deliver and set free from the bondage of sin;
Many cannot comprehend the great work that I now do
    As I deal with a rebellious people who worship Me not
The churches have set up their social society,
    Prayer and fasting for America is not done therein;
I have a people whom I alone shall use,
    Who will hold fast to the horns of My altar this day;
These are processed to know the voice of My Spirit,
    And are willing to follow Yahshua, My Lamb.
They fast and pray for America to be restored,
    Back to My standards that are found in My word;
They appropriate My word and stand in the gap
    For a nation that is defiled and in gross sin;
I shall remove great mountains for a few in this day,
    Rescuing them in their time of tribulation;
By the power of My Spirit I shall move
    To make ways for those who trust and obey Me;
Upon a great nation that turned from My laws,
    America dwells in the wilderness of sin;
As Ishrayah of old who rejected My ways,
    My rod of chastisement shall fall upon America;
My word shall be fulfilled in this last, great day
    As I bring forth redemption unto My faithful few;
Many, many millions shall be removed
    As the scourge of plagues spreads over the land;
A people who are consumed in the sins of the flesh
    Shall know My terrible judgment unto them;
Terror shall fill all the streets of America
    As My rod of judgment falls upon the land;
Watch and see what I AM shall say and do
    Unto a degenerate people of America this day;
As Joel of old spoke, I will pour out My Spirit in full-
    The former and latter rains as prophesied of old;
My day of indignation and wrath shall be unleashed
    Bringing total judgment over the whole earth;
A people who have turned from My love unto them
    Have for too long loved the pleasures of sin;
Now the scourge shall fall across America’s fair land,
    Fear shall grip the nation as My indignation falls;
Serious droughts, plagues, and disasters shall arise
    That heretofore have not been seen or known;
All will know that it is I YHVH Who is come
    To fulfill His great day of judgment on the world;
None shall be safe from My wrath and judgment
    Except those who are hidden in Calvary’s cross;
Those who sought to destroy My own in this day
    Shall know My wrath, a hundred-fold;
The rebellious shall bear the shame of their sins
    As I humble them now, before Yahshua My King;
They shall no longer be given power to destroy
    My inheritance, for I YHVH fight for My own;
The day is here when all the world shall know
    That I have a people who will fulfill My plan;
All who are intent to devour and destroy
    My fair land of America in this day
Shall see My rod smite them with a curse
    And the smitten shall curse YHVH and die;
The days of tribulation and woe in the earth
    Shall be ones of gross darkness and misery;
My people have never known such a day
    As this day of My wrath and judgment now come;
It is a critical time upon all the earth
    When earthquakes shall erupt across the globe;
Cataclysmic eruptions of volcanoes and tornadoes
    Shall increase in strength and number this day;
They shall wipe out cities of great renown,
    Destroying the sinners and cleansing the land;
I shall bring mass destruction like never before-
    Great fires shall erupt all over the earth;
Nuclear powers shall be unleashed as well,
    Wreaking havoc never known to man;
Man has wanted knowledge to fashion weapons of war
    And now it shall turn back on them with great woe;
My people cry, Peace; but war is in their hearts,
    Not caring that it was I Who allowed them to build;
Great weapons of destruction and consternation,
    Seeking to gain power over all in the earth;
They have built great weapons for all countries to use,
    But My people will not repent, and the hour is late;
I soon shall unleash the powers of the universe
    Unto a people who have served pagan gods-
Worshiping the sun, stars, moon, and planets,
    Not seeking Me, YHVH, in the day of their need;
Thus the powers of evil have increased in the earth
    Because My people failed to hearken to My love plan
Wherein I would redeem the earth in this day
    From the terrible plight now suffered by My Ishrayah.
So, My chosen few whom I have in the earth,
    Hide in My Rock, Yahshua Messiah your Redeemer;
I shall keep you in this dark and terrible day
    And supply unto you all that you need;
I will release you in all your being
    That My light and immortality might be yours
As a glorious covering, bright as the morning sun
    To protect and keep you in all of your ways!

Yea, have faith in YHVH; It is I, Yahshua, who loves you!

Photo: Walking beneath the Cathedral Pines, Lake Wesserundsett 2013- Mary


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