July 23, 1969

The holy Spirit has called us
To walk the way of faith-
Launching out as Abraham of old,
Not knowing which way Yahweh would lead;
One step at a time, I heard the Master say:
Just one step, as I lead the way;
Watch closely for My leadning,
Hearken to My still, small voice;
A plan, a way, is prepared for you
As you closely seek My will;
I'll open the gateway to heaven,
Moving mountains to perform My will;
Keep faithful, keep believing;
Soon you'll see the open door,
Do not hear, My little children,
As I lead you step by step;
My plan is beginning to open a
As you wait, yielded, to do My will;
There are ways which the Father alone knows
For those who will fully obey;
There are strongholds yet to be broken:
The middle partition needs breaking down;
Many of Yah's ways are held in abeyance,
Waiting for the deliverance of Yahweh's own;
Hold fast, be in one accord;
See mighty mountains being broken down;
Yahweh is building an army
To accomplish His Divine will;
To the sold-out ones in Yahshua,
Will this plan and mystery be revealed;
The holy Spirit is guiding His people,
Preparing hearts for this mighty move of Yahweh:
A plan, a purpose, for ech yielded life;
Never doubt the holy Spirit's leading;
Launch out in faith all the way;
Each promise in the word is yours, if you only believe-
Holding firm to the word of Yahweh;
The promises of Yahweh will not return void
To those who wholly obey;
In total surrender and seeking Yahweh's guidance
Will come victory to carry you through;
Your YHVH is so faithful, He knows your every need;
He's never failed you;
In these days of the moving of the waters
Watch His door open for you
A way in the wilderness where there is no way;
It's small thing for the Master to do;
Keep trusting, keep believing-
He will carry you through;
The mountains shall fall before you
As you lean completely on Him;
Today is the day of the holy Spirit's moving
And the desert is a quiet place to be alone with Him,
Where He can teach you the will of your heavenly Father,
As He prepares His people to move;
Oh, hold fast and believe His promises-
The answer is on the way!