Walking Forward

Walking forward by YHVH's appointment,
A band of My remnant comes forth,
Knowing no head but Yahshua their Messiah,
They press on in their walk into Life.

Completely led and guided by YHVH,
This family knows His heavenly provision;
Walking forward, He leads the way-
Ever onward into new light this day.

The power horn of the ages of the ages
Is eternally released in this day
To empower YAH's elect unto new creations
Ever onward unto His eternal day.

The earnest has been given, the fullness to be theirs
As in new substance YHVH prepares them now-
Loosing ever within their vessels
The composite substance of I AM.

A changing is wrought in the molecular weight
As the atoms become all newly wrought;
A changing in the priesthood, bearing life
New vessels walk forth in Messiah Yahshua.

Constant in tribulation, rejoicing in HOPE,
YHVH's wave sheaf army is pressing forward,
Following after the footsteps of their Messiah,
The annointed vessels of YHVH press ever on.

My priesthood comes forth from death unto life,
Being tested and tried until the carnal self dies;
By surrendering all, these faithful ones
Receive new life in all their being.

These who have counted their lives as naught
Seek a new translation to overcome death;
An inheritance bought at a very great price
As they give up all for Yahshua, YAH’s Lamb.

Coming forward in the glory and radiance of life,
My Firstfruits follow Messiah their Head,
Resurrected from the grave clothes of carnality,
The inner conflict of My Ishrayah is forever gone.

New life in YHVH, new heavens just begun-
It is a birthing process, a creation of true daughters and sons;
Never before such a strenuous walk has taken place
In chosen, earthen vessels, born from YHVH’s dust.

Never more to be vessels of clay,
For a spiritual body is birthed this day;
Walking forward as the earthly transition
Becomes further inwrought untp eonian life.

A process, a changing, a reverberation
Of the new Adamic race, formed in light;
The seed of the serpent being removed in this day-
The prize of the high calling bringing redemptive life.

The earthly substance that once brought death,
Is removed by the power of a crucified life;
The act of re-creation thus continues again
As YHVH reveals His manifested sons.

Yahshua's many-membered body, breaks forth in full array-
And one day soon shall be released for all to see;
YHVH's army of firstborn daughters and sons
Has been prepared to fufill His glorious redemption plan.

Entering new realms of wisdom and knowledge
Is a pathway that I YHVH will unveil to My own;
For out of the substance and essence of I AM,
I will rebirth My daughters and sons.

Moving forward, My elect are ordained to walk
As vessels of glory and honor, My witnesses this day;
They await the further manifestation of I AM
That I might fully empower them unto immortal life.

Continuing forward in glorious atonement
With the fullness of their YHVH Almighty,
The knowledge of I AM increases, leading the way
Into YHVH's new, eonian day.

The elect are tendered and kept by their faithful YHVH
Until all the carnal strivings cease,
When the old nature of the first Adam
Is overcome by a new, spiritual birth in peace.

This processsing so strenuous and constant
Cannot be received by undisciplined ones;
For it takes a pure desire and determination
To become an overcomer, the old man to slay.

To the weary and the oppressed ones, I say-
Look up unto Me, Your YHVH, and hold fast;
My word is the power of all eternity
That will keep you steadfast in this evil day.

Therefore press on to know the I AM THAT I AM
Who called you to walk in His light this day;
For He shall direct you fully in all conflict,
And bring you forth out of this dark night.

Keep steady and waver not, My little flock,
For the word of I AM is yours;
Persevere in putting off the old nature
Until Messiah is fully formed in you.

It must be a total, inward yielding
Of all that could hurt or offend;
The lion nature of the first Adam
Must be overcome by the nature of the second Adam.

Keep righteous judgment in all your earth
To receive in your vessel YHVH's spiritual birth;
Do not allow the thwarts of the adversary
To hinder or steal your calling in YAH.

Walk strong in faith, the substance of HOPE,
Counting that which is not as though it be;
For the old order of life is quickly passing away,
Bringing forth YHVH's glorious new day.

Many have faultered when the testings grow hard,
But let not the adversary steal your crown;
Yea, stand upon My word, for I will deliver you
From the clutches of death to know life anew.

Press ever forward as you cross over the veil
Of the old flesh which is governed by the curse of sin;
Overcome by the power of My word each step of the way,
Holding fast to Messiah, Your Redeemer and King.

Overcome, My Beloved, by Messiah's testimony
And His shed blood for you, I say (Rev. 12:10-11)
By My sword, the word quickend by My Spirit (Eph. 6:13-20)
Arise unto immortal life, for this is My new day.

Out of the tomb of death I bring you-
New creations that are fashioned by I AM;
Never allow the negative powers of the adversary
To hinder, delay or stop your walk into immortality.

Many shall not know the art of overcoming,
Being content to turn over their lives to the grave;
My true Ishrayah, however, shall rise to new life,
Rebirthed and resurrected by Messiah of glory.

The word made flesh I restore unto you again
In the substance of eonian life;
Crossing the ages in glorious attainment,
YAH's inheritance comes forth, born into anew.

My chosen, My elect, Whom I have called
Come to the point of death;
They learn that it is not they who can overcome,
But My logos, indwelled, that abides in them.

So, Beloved, walk ever forward and onward,
For I have others who shall stand with you;
Yea, some have experienced this crossing over
And are strong in My word, interceding for you.

The battle of Armageddon is now being fought
In the spiritual realm, to be manifest on earth,
Where pressures upon pressures are overcome,
And tribulation bears is sting. (Acts 14:22; Rom.5:3;
Rom.8:31-39; 2Cor.7:4)

In all of your tests, Beloved, be obedient to Me,
For these fiery trials last but for a little while;
Be jubilant that you are counted worthy
My life to gain, your calling fulfilled.
(1Pet.3:14-18; Acts 5:41; 2 Tim.2:6-15)

As Yahshua suffered for each of His own,
Think it not strange that you suffer for Me;
Yea, I am restoring My purchased possession,
Returning it back recharged, a new life this day.

The old order of life within you
Is giving way to My new life within;
So, continue to heed My word and take comfort
That I will lead you forth unto My eternal day.

New ministries, callings, and preparations
I bring to My remnant now;
Therefore be still in My presence,
For I have much that you need to hear.

In My way, the pathway narrows (Matt. 7:13-14; Isa. 35:4-10),
But each footstep leads straight to Me;
In a walk of total separation,
I will redeem you fully, so come unto Me!

Each new trial that you overcome this day
Will be a new ascending into My glories;
I will bring you higher into the greater understanding
Of My purposes and plans for you this day.

One day at a time I will prepare you
As in truth you walk with Me;
Never heed the adversary that tries you,
For these forces are given to pressure you into Me.

One day you will see that the trials shall cease,
For obedience to Me leads you through (1 Pet. 1:15-23)
You shall have a place of leadership and authority
As you love and obey My Eternal Spirit.

I shall have leaders who hearken to My heartbeat,
For the I AM THAT I AM dwells in them;
Yea, I shall return My glory unto the faithful,
Annointing them as My true daughters and sons.

Think it not strange that your universe constantly changes,
For it is I YHVH within Who makes this change;
Yea, I fulfill My life pattern of the ages
In a new vessel that is pure and undefiled.

Therefore be faithful in this day, My Beloved,
For only a remnant at this time do I bring forth;
Others shall enter further preparation
As I strip them of all carnality this day (Rom. 8:6).

Those who are in preparation to meet Me,
Encourage others who are coming forth;
Truly the veil of flesh must be rent
That My own might by-pass death to receive eonian life.
(1 Cor. 15:26; 2 Tim. 6:14)

A pattern so clearly I have hidden in the mount
(Heb. 12:12-28; 2 Pet. 4:17-19)
That any could see should they seek Me this day;
Yea, to the earnest traveler I will reveal My plan-
That he or she might triumph and enter in!

Walking forward, walking, walking...
Into new heights My Ishrayah climb each day;
Atonement is realized in the household of YHVH
As My chosen ones are purified as fine gold.

They hold the knowledge of I AM deeply in their hearts
As they approach their goal of immortal birth;
These remain determined and steady in this transition,
Gaining new power as overcomers each step of the way.
(John 17; John 10:15-18)

These await in earnest the full measure of My Spirit.
When the inheritance of YHVH is manifest in them;
So praise Me, Beloved, in all your trials and afflictions,
For praise releases the hosts of heaven to come to your aid.

When your love and praises ascend to My throne,
I will move mountains in the battles of life (2 Chr. 20:15-16)
So praise Me not just when all goes well,
For the greater victory comes by praise in times of adversity!

True praise issues from a loving, thankful heart,
When all trials are recognized as being from Me;
Yea, I must process you in My refining fires
Lest you never come forth in new, eonian birth.

It is a lesson for all, My Beloved,
To be thankful for all that I allow;
Truly there can be no resurrection unto life
Without overcoming many tests and trials.

Moment by moment in this, My day,
Obedience to My word shall be your stay;
It shall confirm your calling as you release all to Me
That you might come forth into glorious liberty.
(Rom. 8:19-23; Gal. 5:13; Jas. 1:23)

Having this knowledge, never let doubt assail (Jas. 3:17-18; Mk. 22:26)
I have called you to life immortal in a little while;
Yes, I shall guide you from valley to hill,
Across the living river of My perfect law fulfilled. (Gal. 5:14; Mt. 22:37-40)

What a journey with no end in sight!
High mountains surround and there seems no light;
But, Beloved, here I will bring you forth
Into the height of My glorious eternal birth. (Ez. 18:32)

There must be mountains and valleys
To prepare your heart and mind; (Deut. 11:13; Jas. 4:8-10; Heb. 4:12)
For I will redeem My Ishrayah from the curse of death,
Raising them up in the resurrection power of I AM!

The laws and commandments of YHVH
Are being written on fleshly tables of the heart; (Dan. 2:28-49)
Thus the hardened heart and uncircumcised mind (Jer. 32:38-42; Jer. 33:6-16; Ez. 36:22-28)
Are being released in the light of YHVH into new birth.

Tablets of 'living stone' come forth as new flesh (Ez. 36:26-28)
In the time and order of YHVH this day;
His word is hidden in the earth of His own,
Who are transformed into the fullness of I AM.

Coming across the boundaries of time,
I YHVH restore My Ishrayah one measure at a time;
Changed by degrees into effulgent glory,
My redemption plan is fulfilled this day.

Time, times, and a half time (Dan. 9:20-27; Dan. 12:7-13)
My Beloved Ishrayah is being returned to Me;
Yea, they walk ever onward to meet their YHVH
To dwell with Him face-to-face forever more!

(Image: Solitary walk- gouache on board, 6"x10", 1986-
Mary Louise;Town Jaqua