February 11, 1971/Lily

There is a way in the wilderness

Made by the hand of Yah-

A thorn-crossed path, spotted with tears,

Along Calvary's road.

It is a place of utter self-denial,

Following closely the footsteps He trod.

The way- it grew so weary-

Heartaches were many along the road;

The lessons learned and taught by Yah

Sometimes became heavy and hard;

These are all but a means of perfecting

And molding the child of Yah.

Fear not, weary one, the battles

As you learn to overcome the trials:

Your call in life is to be like Him;

You'll be strengthened and renewed by the hand of Yah,

As you realize the price He paid.

Without the tests and trials He's allowed you to bear,

My child, you would never have known

The merciful love of your Savior and Redeemer;

Were it not for His way of perfecting

And sharing a touch of the way He trod,

Dear little one in Yahshua, you could not understand what He bore

As up Calvary's hill He trod.

Yahshua would say to you, "Hold fast and listen!

Sit and learn at My nail-scarred feet:

There are many deep truths I would teach you,

As in obedience you lean on Me.

Yea, I am the Master teacher

And I will conform you to My will;

Fear not as you see the mountains and trials

That try to overtake you along the way.

Yahweh My Father knows your footsteps;

He alone knows every heartache you bear-

Oh, Dear one, it's all a part of His pattern

To perfect the Living Messiah in you."