Weathering the Storm


The timeless ages of eternity

Unfurl their standards now

Of life made perfect in Yahshua Messiah,

Released into My firstfruits who are coming forth.


An army manifest- those prepared to stand

In this age-end battle to bring forth life:

New life in Messiah is eternally rebirthed in them

By My Holy Spirit Comforter and My fires now.


Becoming the ones perfected in their Messiah,

These put off all the Adam nature and carnality

Of the mind and heart that they might inherit new life-

Yea, My minute remnant overcomes all things.


A processing so severe that only a few will heed

This high calling of YHVH unto spiritual rebirth;

Most will not hearken to My word in this day,

Being utterly deceived, going their own ways.


A powerful transition I do bring in My own-

These who are My remnant in this day;

Hasten, My Beloved, while the door is yet open,

For I have a work that now I must do.


Never fear the powerful roars of your adversary-

Listen always for My Divine word;

In My word alone I will guide you,

Protecting you fully from all harm.


Continue on with great, earnest expectation

In all that I have called you forth to do;

Do not slack your pace, for My preparation is necessary

In you now to fulfill My righteous plan.


The many cannot hear or respond to My word-

They know not the way, for they go in their own ways;

Yea, only My true sheep can hearken unto My voice

And hear Me call saying, 'Come, follow Me.'


These alone shall enter My kingdom in this day

When the gathering storm fully assails;

These alone will know how to hide in their YHVH,

Recognizing and resting in Messiah.


I say only those who are prepared to live by faith

Shall know all My intimate will;

These will sit at the feet of their YHVH

And become My Holy Spirit intercessors this day.


There are powerful, satanic forces loosed in the earth

That seek to deter and destroy My own;

But I YHVH have ways to fight for My Israyah

In this great age-end battle that rages now.


Do not be caught in the fray of the world-

The woes and trials that surround;

Be steadfast in faith, listening closely for My word:

Yea, I will come quickly to meet your need.


The powers of heaven await your command

To come and do battle for you;

Nothing can hinder or stop My army

Who are locked up fully in My loving arms.


Never fear, My Beloved, when all seems to fail-

Is this not when I love to move mountains for you?

I shall have a firstfruits harvest this day

Who break through the veil of death into eternity


Not all shall be required to go by way of the grave-

Only those who refuse Yahsha's intimate plan;

These are they who are willing to sit and learn,

Tarrying in quietness as I impart to them My word.


So many care not for their souls in this day-

They are caught up in many trivial things:

Sports and recreation, to name a few-

They are bound in tradition, families, and things.


They heed not the warning of My word given in this day-

They reject My truths and hasten away;

They deny My Messiah entrance into their hearts-

Their carnal minds focused on mundane things.


I say, the war of the ages has now begun

And My people are not ready for this day;

The great woes and vials of wrath I release

In the earth upon those who will not heed My word.


These prepare not as My word so states-

They know not My Messiah, I say;

They are bound in shackles of sickness and death,

Troubled and besieged on every hand.


Only a small remnant shall survive My fires

In this last, great tribulation day'

The others shall be burned as chaff in the fires,

And many be as dung upon the earth.


My people Israyah have little for which to hope

Unless they know My by My Holy Spirit;

They’ve been too busy to come and learn of Me

And to prepare their lives for eternity.


Never be concerned, for My own hear My voice

And another they will not follow;

They've learned to be still and trust Me,

Knowing I AM is their everything.


Keep steadfastly forward in My way

Up Calvary's slope to My new day;

The old, Adamic nature must be put down

To arise in joy, resurrected in Messiah.


Never look back: leave all else behind-

I AM shall fully lead you in this day;

Yea, I know each step that My own must climb

To enter eternity's gate toward Beulah land.


Remember always the pathway Yahsha trod-

He is with you, leading you all the way;

He has received His eternal garments of light

And obtained His crown of victory.


I have this same inheritance for My overcoming ones

Who follow My Lamb to the bitter end;

These know My care as the die is cast

To crucify all self in its unrighteous ways.


Awaken , and heed the call that goes out to you

To strip off all the old nature of the carnal man;

The many shall not heed nor pay the full price,

Being unwilling to pay the utmost cost.


Yea, My true remnant I will lead on

Into eternity's gate where My Light ever dawns;

The veil of carnal flesh must be divided asunder

That the new man of Messiah might arise in you.


A powerful weapon I do place in your hand

As you wield My righteous, two-edged sword;

My Spirit shall move to deliver My own,

As they trust in Me, My will to fulfill.


Be not weary nor fearful in this day-

Daniel had his lion's den and David his Goliath, too-

Was I not there to fight for them?

Yea, as I fought for them, I will fight for you!


To My own I say, 'Look up with praise and rejoicing-

Hearkening fully to My word in this day;

I will not fail any who obey My word

And listen diligently to My intimate way.


Never run ahead or behind Me-

Hearken earnestly to all that I speak unto you;

Yea, watch and see what I will do

To fulfill My promises unto you.


Be steadfast in jubilation for the battle is Mine-

I only require your obedience to Me;

Never compromise or hesitate when I speak-

Yea, I will now open new doors for you.


I have ways that you know not of

That will be a great amazement to you;

Hasten, My Beloved, for the time is short

When I must now move mountains for you.


Never fear all the assaults of your adversary

For his roar cannot halt My work in this day;

Move forth and tarry in Me-

Yea, watch and see what I AM will do.


There are many, many who want you to fail-

Can My promises to you return unto Me void?

I say, 'Nay. Keep your eyes on Me-

I shall keep you all the way.'


As I was with David and all My prophets, too-

so also I will be with you;

Yea, this is the day unto which I have called you

To come forth and wholly fulfill My will.


I will have an army of firstfruits

Who hearken and obey My word:

These look not to the battle that rages in this day,

But look unto YHVH- yea, He fights for you.