May 19, 1985/6:55PM/Lily

The Wheel of Eternity goes 'round and 'round
As its power source is further released;
The substance of I AM is now effervescent
In a cloud of glory to fill thy earth.

It's flowing and moving the old foundations
That have kept thee in bondage, bound
To the old order Adam, first creation
Male and female after the I AM.

Now in the crossing over- the time of eternity
The reversal of the clock is now set:
In thy earth is a fortress of glory
Coming forth to redeem thy earth.

There is such glorious light substance to be revealed
In My minute remnant coming forth;
The revelation of life is thine soon to behold,
For I AM thy Creator; thy earth is My source.

Keep thyselves in glorious atonement
That My flow of life might continue
To dissolve in the process of translation
All portions from thine old earth.

An awakening from sleep of the first Adam
Which has held thee in a curse from the fall,
To a glorious knowledge of thy calling in Yahshua
In redemption's power to transform thy earth.

The forces that had thy protein bound in iron
Are in reversal of that process, I say;
For there are generative powers now unleashed
To return thee wholly to a new universe.

A substance of life that I have redeemed
Through the blood, the water, and the Spirit
That by the collective powers of Yahshua
Thy dust becomes light substance of I AM.

Found in the valley of transition-
Rockets forth unto thee a new spiritual birth:
Cellular, molecular, atomic changes
Invested to redeem thine entire earth.

Coming beyond knowledge to become knowledge, I say,
Of Thy Creator, Redeemer, Keeper, I AM;
As in the old order all was ultimately lost
In the quickening order of the second Adam,
All is now brought forth.

A calling so deep none have before known:
That great new order of Melchisedek;
Yahshua the Creator of all I ordain
Comes into thy being as the power source.

A source of energy, henceforth never known
Except by Yahshua, My Firstborn Son;
Now I invest in a minute few
The created energy of I AM, unfolded in you.

A mind regenerated by the crossing over,
By the Spiritual electrodes this day
Which are releasing the darkness of the first Adam
To birth in you the mind of Messiah.

This further work of I AM now unfolding
Shall bring great releases unto you
Of the authority to speak into creation
By Divine direction it shall be so.

Scraments of the old, Babylonish order
Shall crumble as thou speakest My Word;
Rome, with its carnal, materialistic priesthood
Are soon to fall down by My Divine command.

The purposes of Yahweh El Elyon, I say,
Shall reveal His incarnate Word
To release upon earth the cataclysmic upheaval
That shall purge and redeem My universe.

All the forces of heaven so soon shall be shaken,
As Alpha Draconis is brought down;
For as the tail of the dragon, I break him
To the pit where his power shall be bound.

The stars in their courses shall fight for you
To destroy gross evil in the earth;
For the gravitational pull that has been reversed
Shall know I AM's power to fulfill His Word.

All that happened as Yahweh hath ordained
To redeem a minute few to claim back their own
Relationship in I AM their own Father
Who nurtured them back through His indwelt Son.

What glory to know there are those
Whom I've found obedient unto Me;
For the seed of life is released from their Father
To dwell in them, bringing redemption's power.

A powerful Sun of Righteousness
Is released in the heart to do
The healing of the old carnal order,
Restoring to life Yahweh's new Melchizedek order.