January 1, 2000 has come and gone and with it the much-
anticipated Y2K factor. The non event has left many, especially skeptics, wondering what, if anything, happened. Was Y2K a real threat or was it mere hype, orchestrated by merchants and governments to achieve their own political and selfish purposes? While fallout from the Y2K controversy continues, one fact is certain: Y2K was a wake-up call for Yahweh's people.

As December 31, 1999 approached, those of us at Gertrude Ministries kept our spiritual eyes and ears tuned. For the most part, all was quiet on the watch. We had prepared like many for what might be a few days or weeks of camping out. We had water stored, extra provisions, and enough wood on hand to keep warm around our wood stove. Late in the afternoon of December 31, we went out on errands for the last time in the old millenium.

At the post office, my spirit was arrested when I sighted a license plate that read: NOMORE. I pondered the message as we drove to the supermarket. On the way, I saw another license plate that read: NOMERCY. Both messages spoke deeply to my spirit the remainder of the day.

The evening came and with it, New Year's Eve. While others were out celebrating, we gathered for prayer. We sought a word from Yahweh concerning what might eventuate as midnight struck. No sooner did we ask, then Yahweh gave us Ezekiel 7.

We have always found Yahweh to be on time, and true to the word He gave Ezekiel many years ago, the end is truly come upon this evil generation. The message of Ezekiel 7 could not have been clearer nor more appropriate as we witnessed the end of the twentieth century. This passage of scripture will be etched upon our spirits for some time, as a testimony of Yahweh's faithfulness to speak to us in the time of His pending judgment. After sharing this word, we went to sleep with no alarm in our spirits concerning Y2K.

That the new millenium arrived without incident- or at least any apparent incident- can be counted as the mercy of Yahweh. We know many believers, including ourselves, were on the prayer watch. We also know many, including ourselves, had shared seasons of fasting throughout the preceeding months. While many were scoffed and ridiculed for taking the Y2K threat seriously, we know all too well the warnings of our Heavenly Father. We know His judgments are in the land and Y2K would have been a convenient opportunity for crisis for those orchestrating the global system. Like Babel of old, people desire to 'ascend into the heavens', i.e. gain power and knowledge. They also desire 'one language.' What is the computer but a grand information highway that affords people and nations that ultimate 'one language' that spells 'New World Order?' Truly there is nothing new under the sun. Though times change, people and nations do not. The Luciferian government continues to move toward its goal of global dominance.

The aftermath of Y2K could prove to be more devasting than its anticipation. Scriptures tell us 'the wise will know and understand the times.' This is true. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the Y2K aftermath spells trouble of a different sort. We are traversing a path that is both deadly and deceptive, for massive destruction is coming. It just isn't here yet. Do people still believe this? Many do not. Those who were not totally convinced Y2K was a problem, are even less convinced today that there is still a real and present threat to the security of our country. Many who do have faith but counted on Y2K as being the millenium event that it wasn't, are now disillusioned and confused. Some are angry and even disappointed. Others have become candidates for new skeptics, having turned on those who continue to warn that we are not yet out of the woods.

The fact is that Y2k did have its affects and the complexities of electronic communications have had their share of unseen and little-reported problems. Ask the right sources and learn that NASA, the Pentagon, the Defense Department, and various airports have experienced sizable problems. These gliches, of course, were hidden well from the American public. Few incidents of computer failures have been reported by major news networks.

It might be accurate to say that crises seem to occur at all the right times and places for all the right purposes, depending on who's in charge. It behooves each of us, therefore, to be prepared at all costs for what might eventuate. We know Yahweh is sovereign no matter what man might devise. We also know we are living in the most awesome time of history, when the governments of man shall fall and the government of Yahshua Messiah will be established. For those of us who have been working to establish Yahweh's kingdom, we know we shall be spared the greater judgment of Yahweh. For the rebellious, however, it is another story. The tares (wicked) shall be removed. The righteous alone shall remain. This is our consolation and our rest. He who has called us shall preserve us. Therefore, for those of us who are alive and remain, it is a day of watchfulness. Noah, whose name means 'rest,' persevered despite fierce opposition in His preparations for the day of Yahweh's judgment. Noah was ridiculed and persecuted just as those in this day who continue to warn of Yahweh's coming storm.

No, it is not time to sit back and relax, thinking the danger is past. The storm clouds are still on the horizon and the day of the greater deception is here; for many are falling away in disbelief that Yahweh's storm is coming. Don't be a skeptic nor a fool. Your life is at stake. Heed the word of Yahweh and prepare, for the hour is late.- Mary

NOTE: There are presently approximately 30 different calendars being used simulataneously throughout the world in order to calculate time. For this reason, the understanding of the concept of time leaves room for conjecture. It has been duly pointed out by many writers that because there is no year '0', the new millenium actually begins January 1, 2001. If this observation is correct, the world may now start to experience the delayed effects of Y2K.