Beloved in YHVH worry not,
                For I YHVH now move for you;
All shakings and battles are from My hand,
                They are given to strengthen you.

Though the winds of adversity blow around
                None seem to understand
The calling I AM has placed upon you,
                So stand fast, for I am with you.

I say, in this day each vessel
                Who is called to enter My rest
Shall know true peace that is given in the valley,
                Bringing them forth into My eternal rest.

To become a true overcomer
                You must be processed and tried
In the furnace seven times hotter
                Where in love, you are purified.

Angelic forces are moving for My own-
                Michael, Gabriel, and Phanuel, too;
They come with the hosts of heaven
                To fight for each one of My own.

All who enter timeless eternity
                Must tred through fires of affliction;
For there is no other way
                That YHVH’s family is prepared.

There shall be trials in families,
                For an unsettling I surely do;
Many shall become shaken in My dealings
                Until all carnality is set aside.

Yea, no iniquity or self will
                Shall enter into My kingdom, I say;
I shall have purified, holy vessels
                That are made fit by the Master’s hand.

To My first born coming forth in this day
               Look not to the battle, I say;
I am your Keeper and Preserver
              During this time, through the night.

As it was in the days of Noah,
              So, also, shall it be in this day;
For I must have a holy family
              In whom no guile can be found.

Be thankful for these trials and testings,
             For they fashion in you My holy work;
There must be separations and divisions
              In My special army coming through the veil.

You shall have peace in the valley this day
              And exceeding joy in tribulation;
For only those pressured in Yahshua
              Shall know My great jubilation, I say.

So be thankful in the furnace of affliction,
               When My grace alone shall suffice;
For the carnal works shall cease this day
                As you further enter My darkest night.

All will work out in My perfect time and way
                As My eternal substance is placed within;
Only My life and light shall guide you
                 And sustain you in this long night.

My own shall have oil in their lamps,
                 Lit by the fires of YHVH alone
That shall burn and burn endlessly
                 To protect and guide all the way.

The waves of adversity roar and pound,
                 But My prepared ones shall stand
When I come to remove the tares from the earth
                 In the torrents of My judgment day.

Beloved, rest assured that I warn you
                 To faint not in the afflictions that I allow;
For I must further process My chosen ones
                 Who are called unto Immortality this day.

I say, Even now the day breaks forth
                 Much sooner than many can know
When all that I have spoken shall be fulfilled-
                 Therefore prepare, My Beloved Ishrayah!

...for I YHVH now move for you;
All shakings and battles are from My hand!


Photo: Sunset, Lake Wesserundsett, East Madison, Maine
- 2013 - Mary



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