This is the beginning of YAH’s reaping now

                When He separates the sheep from the goats;

His own shall be sheltered in the bosom of I AM,

                While the wicked shall be removed from the earth!

It is the day that YHVH warned His own to prepare against

                And be ready for His greater judgment day;

Millions shall be taken quickly from across the land

                As YHVH wields His sickle and reaps the earth!

There are many who would not hearken unto His voice,

Refusing to be crucified with Messiah and follow Him;

These will not be spared as He comes in judgment,

Saying, “Depart from Me, you wicked, I never knew you!”


Be ready in your spirit to know YHVH’s intimate call-

To walk in His light that you might be kept in this day;

Never weary in the battle, for the battle is YHVH’s

And He shall move to restore His seed called Ishrayah!


Truly His sheep know His voice and follow Him

                Another voice they will not heed;

They are guided by His word and quickened Spirit

As into His glorious kingdom He takes them this day!


Come apart from all that is the ‘in-part’ ministry

For it shall be the seven-part work of YAH this day;

Those who are prepared and perfected, following His Lamb

                Will enter His kingdom, world without end!


Many shall be lost and destroyed quickly this day

                But YYHVH will nurture and strengthen His own;

Let the weak say they are strong and follow Him,

                Messiah is the warrior who overcomes all!


Fret not over any whom YHVH removes this day,

                For they were not prepared to reign with Him;

Only His elect shall know His still, small voice

                And be kept forever as His chosen, Beloved ones!


YHVH will manifest His great power quickly now

                To fulfill His greater plan to destroy all evil;

The wicked shall be removed in a day as promised,

                None can hinder this great work that He will do!


Faith alone shall be the key to ultimate survival,

                For His own must hearken and know His way;

Only those who follow in His Lamb’s path

                Shall know His great resurrection power!


Let the wicked do wickedly unto their end this day,

                For YHVH will fulfill His plan to remove them;

He will come to destroy them from the face of the earth,

                For they exalted themselves, denying His Messiah.


Lucifer thought to rule and reign forever in the earth,

But this appointment belongs to YAH’s Ishrayah;

His word becomes living flesh in them by the Spirit

                As His own wield the sword of truth this day!


Great mountains shall be moved now

                That are aligned to hinder and stop YAH’s own;

He shall prove who are His true Ishrayah

                And deliver fully His chosen race!


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