One day they took my Savior,

And led Him up Calvary's way;

A crown of thorns adorned Him,

As He trudged along the way;

The cross He bore was so heavy,

That He fell beneath the load;

They sent Him one named Simon

To help Him bear the load;

Hi s heart was filled with sorrow-

With the sins and load He bore;

Yet still He went determined

To do His Father's will;

He cried, "Remove this bitter cup,

But alas, Thy will, oh Yahweh, I'll do!"

He is the perfect sacrifice,

The holy Lamb of Yah;

He is the only One so worthy

To pay the price for you and me;

So, up the hill they journeyed

To the top of Mt. Calvary;

They nailed Him there to a cruel tree,

With a spear they pierced His side;

The blood of the Lamb flowed freely,

Making redemption's plan a reality!

Oh, to be bought with such a price

Our blessed Savior had to pay!

He paid the cost so lovingly-

Yahweh alone could make this plan

That man could be redeemed!