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Gertrude Ministries
Spearheading the Kingdom of YHVH
through the revelation and manifestation of Yahshua Messiah

This website is dedicated to the sons and daughters of YHVH who press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of YHVH in Yahshua Messiah to possess the kingdom of their Father. This minute remnant is the company of overcomers as seen in the Spirit by the apostle John on the Isle of Patmos. Singular in purpose, these who are dressed in robes of white have overcome the curse of sin by the blood of the Lamb and the word of His testimony to receive the crown of life: immortality.

Never before has there been a day like this in the earth, when the sons and daughters of YHVH will realize their promised redemption and return unto Zion from whence they came. Regenerated by the Spirit of YHVH, they shall walk in the earth as the manifested sons of YHVH (Romans 8) to establish His righteous kingdom. They shall be ministers of fire who walk in the judgments of their Father, calling forth the new heavens and new earth as heralded by the prophets of old. This great and mighty work is the work of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

The Israyah of YHVH shall indeed rise and shine this day, coming forth out of the wilderness of sin and corruption, 'leaning on the arms of her Beloved, ' as prophetically declared in the Songs of Solomon.

This ministry is dedicated to establishing the kingdom of YHVH on earth, as taught by Prince Yahshua Messiah, the only Begotten Son of the Ever-Living when He walked in the earth.

The purpose of this ministry is to prepare the daughters and sons of the Most High for entrance into the kingdom of the Ever-Living. Embracing the former and ancient teachings of the mysteries of YHVH's spiritual
laws that the kingdom of YHVH might be formed within His true seed
(Luke 17:21).

The burden of this ministry is for the deliverance and ultimate redemption of YHVH's true Jacob-Ishrayah and the land of His regathered people known as "America" (Amer= Heavenly, Reich=kingdom). This burden is accomplished on a daily basis through study and teachings of the scriptures, intercessory prayer, fasting, music, and prophecy. This ministry is dedicated to fulfilling the scripture: "But we will give ourselves continually to prayers, and to the ministry of the word", (Acts 6:4)..

Teachings, studies, and related writings of this ministry are available upon request. All publications are sent without charge. Donations to aid in the ministry work are welcomed, since this ministry is supported by the faithful tithes and prayers of the body of Yahshua Messiah.


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